October 19, 2021

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Equatorial Guinea. Deadly explosions: Two soldiers sentenced to 35 and 50 years in prison

# In other countries : Two soldiers in Ecuadorian Guinea have been sentenced to 35 and 50 years in prison, with radio and television reporting on Saturday that 107 people were killed and 615 wounded in an army camp and its environs in March for negligence.

The military court in Patta, the economic capital of this small country in Central Africa, “sentenced Lieutenant-Colonel Valentine Nsang Ika to 35 years in prison and Corporal Jose Antonio Obama to 50 years in prison,” the radio station reported. (DVGE).

On March 7, at least three explosions devastated the Nkoa-Toma camp in Pata and several neighboring areas. The fire, caused by a poorly controlled fire, set fire to weapons and arsenals. Military influence.

Lt. Col. Nsang Iga, head of the camp’s housing special forces and transgender people and their families, and private Obama Nzu were found guilty by a court-martial of “causing murder, damage, fire, negligence, punishable” irresponsible deaths.

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The military prosecutor was sentenced to 70 years in prison against Corporal and 30 years in prison against the lieutenant-colonel. Each family of the two victims was ordered to pay 10 million CFA francs (approximately ,000 15,000). Judgments of military courts are not subject to appeal or appeal.

Irrevocable President Theodore Obi-Wan Nyema, who has ruled the country with an iron fist for nearly 42 years at the age of 79, announced the launch of an investigation a few days after the tragedy and accused camp officials of “negligence”. But nothing has been filtered out of the investigation, or the exact facts alleged against the two culprits.

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A very powerful explosion, several minutes apart, knocked down the camp buildings and closed or flattened countless houses in the surrounding area.

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Out of a population of about 1.4 million in this small state rich in oil and gas, about 800,000 live in Pata, but the majority live below the poverty line.

The military, which has had a sluggish economy since the fall in oil prices in 2014, is 90% dependent on all the power and luxury of its leaders in this country. Equatorial Guinea has set aside 95 billion CFA francs (மில்லியன் 140 million) in defense in its 2020 budget. It is allocated கல்வி 59 billion (90 million euros) for education.