October 19, 2021

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Epidemic: WHO boss condemns “greed”, which prolongs the world’s suffering

The WHO boss denounced the “greed” of those already thinking about injecting a third dose of the anti-Govt vaccine, the need for which has not been scientifically proven, while most of the world is waiting for his first vaccine.

“If unity does not work, there is a word to alleviate the suffering of this world, this hostage is taken by the virus … it is greed”, the UN said. The agency’s director general, Tetros Adanom Caprias, was subsequently reprimanded by the agency’s regular press conference in Geneva.

In an upbeat tone, he denounced global divisions in vaccine distribution as “irregular and inconsistent”.

“Some countries, some regions are in the process of ordering millions of booster doses, while others are failing to provide immunizations to their health workers and the most vulnerable areas of their population,” the leader lamented.

The WHO Director and his representatives have long been critical of the countries and businesses that sign third parties to these agreements.

Therefore, at a time when the highly contagious delta variant is causing epidemics in Asia and Africa and increasing the number of cases in Europe, the pharmaceutical team Pfizer / Bioendech on Friday recommended making the third dose of its vaccine more effective. In the United States.

WHO-nominated science leader Samia Swaminathan on Monday confirmed that “there is no scientific evidence to suggest that a booster injection is needed” beyond the recommended initial levels.

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