October 19, 2021

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Epidemic decline for the 8th consecutive week in the world (WHO)

For the eighth week in a row, the corona virus infection has been declining worldwide, with the World Health Organization (WHO) reporting a 6% drop in cases last week.

The WHO said in its latest weekly bulletin in Geneva on Wednesday that more than 2.5 million new Covid-19 and more than 64,000 deaths have been reported worldwide in the weeks from June 14 to 20.

“The number of cases and deaths worldwide has been steadily declining over the past week, falling by 6% and 12%, respectively, compared to the previous week,” the organization said.

With the number of cases worldwide now surpassing 178 million, last week was the lowest number of weekly events since February 2021, which fell last week. In Southeast Asia (-21%) and Europe (-6%), the report says.

The United States (0%) and the western Pacific (0%) reported weekly new case numbers, similar to the previous week.

At the same time, Africa reported a 39% increase in cases. The UN health agency said the African continent had recorded a significant increase in the number of weekly cases compared to the previous week.

Mortality increased in Africa (plus 38%) and the eastern Mediterranean (plus 2%), but decreased in Southeast Asia (-26%), Europe (-12%) and the western Pacific (-9%).

Overall, deaths are high worldwide as more than 9,000 deaths have been reported every day in the past week. However, the number of new deaths reported in the past week has dropped in all regions except the eastern Mediterranean and the African continent, the WHO says.

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Numerous new cases have been reported in Brazil. With more than 505,000 new infections, this is an 11% increase over the previous week.

Follow India (441,976 new cases, 30% decrease), Colombia (193,907 new cases, 10% increase), Argentina (149,673 new cases, 16% decrease) and the Russian Federation (108,139 new cases, 31% increase).