September 21, 2021

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Egypt plans to produce 1 billion Chinese cinnabar vaccines a year

Egypt, which began producing vaccines from the Chinese laboratory Sinovak, plans to produce one billion anti-Govt vaccines a year, making it “the largest vaccine maker in the Middle East and Africa”.

At the end of the agreement with the Chinese company, the two Cairo factories responsible for this production will reach a rate of “over 200 million doses a year”, which includes national needs, and three million doses a day or about a billion a year, with the potential to meet and export African needs. Health Minister Hala Saeed told reporters on Wednesday.

“We have been approved by the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Authority and have already distributed one million doses in Egypt,” said Dr. Heba Wali, who is in charge of the program.

Chinese experts have previously traveled to Egypt to inspect equipment and materials for the production of the Sinovac vaccine at the factories of the state-owned pharmaceutical group Vachera.

Officially, Egypt has 288,441 Govt-19 cases on its soil, of which 16,736 have resulted in deaths. In a country of more than 102 million people, 7.5 million Egyptians have received at least one dose of the anticoagulant vaccine.

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