April 10, 2021

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Earlier, the World Trade Organization (WTO) called on Britain to phase out the vaccine

London (dpa-AFX) – The World Trade Organization (WTO) has called on Great Britain to provide vaccines to poor countries. “I do not think we should wait for more vaccines until others have been vaccinated,” Enkoshi Okonjo-Ivela, president of the New World Trade Organization, told the BBC on Saturday. “I think donations should come now. The reason is simple: rich countries and poor countries have equal access to benefits.”

At the G7 summit on Friday, the countries concerned agreed to invest more in the Kovacs initiative, which aims to give vaccines to poorer countries.

French President Emmanuel Macron campaigned for rich countries to quickly deliver four to five percent of the vaccine to poor countries. Following the meeting, he suggested that Europeans and Americans should soon give 13 million doses of the vaccine to African nurses. Merkel was basically ready to hand over some of the German vaccine team.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had previously announced that he would distribute the vaccines liberally – but only when the British were vaccinated. Nearly 17 million people in Great Britain have already received their first corona vaccine. / Sway / db / nass

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