September 21, 2021

Lakefront Hartwell

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Dogs and cats first!

It began with a controversy over the eviction of 200 cats and dogs in the United Kingdom, which may have benefited from Boris Johnson’s intervention to escape “Taliban barbarism”.

A picture posted on Twitter by the then veteran Shepdogs Veterans Association of the United States showed animals in the front compartments of a damaged military aircraft. At Monday’s events, the chief executive of the U.S. Humanitarian Animal Welfare Committee wrote an open letter to the U.S. military accusing them of leaving the animals they worked with. First, in both cases, animal protection activists raised the rabbit.

In the case of animals expelled by the British, a certain Dominic Dyer tested his power by “resigning” the British Defense Minister Ben Wallace because he said he was “not going to give priority to animals to pessimistic men” when women and children knocked on the door, and these dogs and cats were out of Kabul. Prior to withdrawing and approving the air exit, the union’s Afghan staff and their relatives were unable to reach the airport to exit. The nail in the coffin in Afghanistan was given to a very uncertain rule. And this, to the great satisfaction of Sir Dyer, was that he could sleep with a clear conscience with the intervention of the British Prime Minister with his Minister of Defense. But the English are not the only ones who love animals. Americans are also fighting with them for this nobility of affection.

First the tweets and rumors

Rumors that American soldiers had left their service dogs in Afghanistan had caused havoc among conservative activists, several political figures and animal rights activists, who brought out the Pentagon to wipe out these malicious rumors.

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The rumor started in a tweet and the Kabul Small Animal Rescue (KSAR) writer who came to help the wounded and displaced animals during the war in Afghanistan is getting more ink, he warns to evacuate the animals holding the planes leaving the airport in the Afghan capital.

The group specifically states that fifty aid dogs should be evacuated by air. An exit that takes the nameOperation Hercules ”, funded by crowdfunding and lasted for several days before the photos of the animals went viral.

Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott directly insulted the American-man letter accusing Biden of abandoning K-9 war allies. His Republican colleague Nicole Malliotakis takes to information and criticism on her Twitter account. Finally, other conservative activists are mobilizing for the movement and even launching the hashtag #No-PawsLeftBehind.

Understand, “no feet are behind”. The Pentagon’s Department of Defense denies that any military service dogs or contract animals have been left in the country. “The photos circulating online are of animals in Kabul’s small animal rescue facility, not of dogs guarded by the U.S. military,” said Eric Bauhon, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Defense.

“Despite the complex and dangerous task, US forces did their best to help the small animal rescue in Kabul.” Eric Pahan promises that “all the help dogs left with their masters.”

The spokesman added that “the priority is to expel U.S. citizens and vulnerable Afghans” and that “customs regulations” could be a barrier to the expulsion of “stray dogs” from the country. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States bans dogs from traveling to countries where rabies is endemic. Afghanistan is one of those countries.

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While the Pentagon does not deny the authenticity of photos that go viral on social media, it does deny the fact that these animals worked with the military in any way.