October 19, 2021

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Despite the fall of Govt, the United States has been banned

Covit-19 is declining sharply in many countries. Europe reopens its borders to the Americans. But the United States is banned and refuses to give a short timeline for lifting entry barriers, often in effect for 15 months.

“We are curious to see the resumption of the Atlantic voyage as soon as science permits,” but “this is not a deadline because it largely depends on epidemiological developments” and “variations”: on Monday, AFP reported. Spokesman for the US Diplomatic Network.

So Washington’s speech did not change after President Joe Biden’s European tour.

His government has confirmed that there is no urgency to resume visits and trips, at least until July 21, as it closes its land borders with Canada and Mexico. Infection starting each month.

In addition to these restrictions with neighboring countries, travelers from the Schengen area, the United Kingdom and Ireland have not been able to enter the United States since March 2020 – a “travel ban” is in effect for certain dates. Different, South Africa, Brazil, China, India and Iran.

– “Mutual” –

However, thanks to the dramatic decline in Govt cases and advances in vaccination, EU countries have decided to reopen their own borders to Americans if they are vaccinated or given a negative test.

“I hope we find a similar solution for travelers to the United States from Germany and the European Union,” tweeted Emily Haber, the German ambassador to Washington.

In fact, this reciprocal, Europeans demand it without asking for it.

Twenty-seven from a European diplomatic source have acknowledged that Greece, Italy, Spain, but France have left a condition to reopen on their own under pressure from countries that rely heavily on American tourists.

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In the absence of a real balance of power, Washington remains unclear, especially as local tourism makes up for the lack of Europeans at the moment.

American voices in support of the resumption of travel are even more alarming: a number of sectors, including airlines, have begun to speak out, and the business daily The Wall Street Journal, in an editorial titled “Bring back tourists,” has “no reason” for a mutual shortage.

– “Stuck” –

The Biden administration announced two weeks ago that it would form working groups with the European Union, London, Ottawa and Mexico to “list the way forward” to reopen borders “safely”. Again, no timetable for their work has been announced.

Celia Bell estimates that Joe Biden, who was elected on the promise of a fierce fight against Covit-19 after Donald Trump’s critical administration, “prioritizes the health issue above all, regardless of social and human consequences.” Brookings Institutional Thought Group in Washington.

According to this French political scientist, he rallied against a situation that he considered unreasonable, with the Democratic president “not wanting to take any risk” and for the time being “concerned with the delta diversity”.

The problem is that they will accept Americans from where Europeans have clearly defined the epidemic gateway, “we do not know the health criteria that govern the reopening on the American side”.

This “lack of transparency keeps everyone in a state of uncertainty,” he laments.

Because beyond tourists, the closure affects tens of thousands of foreigners who work, pay taxes and educate children living in the United States. The latter, if they come from a country affected by a “travel ban”, cannot return home because they cannot return to American soil.

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They are “stuck”, says Celia Bell briefly.

Without visibility, European diplomats are reduced to predictions.

Will Joe Biden announce the reopening on July 4, when he wants to celebrate his return to normalcy during the national holiday? Or want to let the summer pass?

Even after the recognition of tours, many foreigners, whose work visas have largely expired in recent months, will be stuck for a long time because US embassies seem to be plagued by contagion and are seriously behind in schedule processing applications.