September 20, 2021

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Crisis: Paris suspends military cooperation with Central African Republic

In the wake of the crisis in Moscow, France has announced a 10 million freeze on the Central African Republic. Military cooperation was also suspended by Paris and the Security Council announcement was unanimously approved.

“In many cases, Central African authorities have committed obligations to the political opposition and to their conduct against France, which is the target of a massive misinformation campaign in the CAR,” the Florence Barley department said.

“The Russians are nothing, but the Central Africans are the best complicit in this campaign,” the Armed Forces Ministry added. At the end of April, five French military aid workers detained at the Central African Defense Ministry were recalled to Paris.

The situation in this former French colony was tense for several months, but it peaked earlier in the week, especially with the decision to freeze French budget aid, estimated at 10 million euros.

On Monday, France called an emergency meeting of the Security Council behind closed doors. A statement following. The Council called on “all existing powers” to take “appropriate action to strengthen security” during its Minusca peace process.

Launched by France and supported by Kenya, Niger and Tunisia, the declaration estimates that “attacks on UN peacekeepers could be war crimes”, without mentioning incidents or incidents targeted by foreign powers. Those who contributed to the provocation and results of this meeting took to Paris.

But the target forces are Russians, the largest in the country, with nearly a thousand Russian soldiers and hundreds of mercenaries from the private Russian group Wagner.

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