September 21, 2021

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Corona virus: US rejects ban on 3rd dose of WHO proposed vaccine

The United States has rejected the World Health Organization (WHO) ban on the 3rd dose of the vaccine against the direction of rich countries.

Faced with huge disparities between rich countries and less fortunate or poorer countries in the vaccine campaign, the World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday called for a ban on the booster dose, which is a new approach going to many Western countries.

In the role of regulator and promoter of equal access to health care in the world and especially in the context of the corona virus epidemic, the WHO has urged rich countries not to move towards a new dose of the 3rd dose of the population that has already been widely vaccinated. Providing opportunities for poor countries to get vaccinated.

In fact, Western countries have already succeeded in vaccinating more than half of their population, and have already begun to announce the 3rd dose, and countries are still lagging behind in vaccinating the most vulnerable groups, especially the elderly in Israel and Germany.

Go against the ban on the 3rd dose of the vaccine

“We urgently need to change things: the majority of vaccines go to rich countries, the majority to poorer countries,” said Tetros Adanom Caprais, director general of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Although the United States has not yet made a decision on administering the 3rd booster dose of the corona virus vaccine, the country was the first to respond to a call from the World Health Organization.

The White House rejected the call, believing it was “not necessary” on the assumption that the United States could either manage its citizens or make donations to poor countries.

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“This is a false alternative,” he said Jen Saki, White House spokesman. We think “we can do both” between giving Americans boosters or giving vaccines to poor countries, reminding us that Washington did not comment on booster levels.

In recent days, the United States, which has successfully vaccinated 60 to 70% of its population, has begun shipping the amount of vaccines produced in its soil to support many countries around the world. A total of 100 million doses of anti-Govt vaccine have been distributed to the affected countries, a White House spokesman said, indicating that it is more than the donations of all countries in the world.