February 25, 2021

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+++ Corona virus update +++ – Corona: Tens of thousands sign petition to end lockout in Switzerland – Austria eases corona virus lockout with trial attack – Twelve million people vaccinated against corona in Great Britain


In United States Will be at least 87,344 within 24 hours New infections Recorded. This is the result of a Reuters survey based on official data. A total of 27.07 million people have been proven to be infected with the corona virus. 1,347 people died from the virus. The total number increases to 463,911.



In Germany The number of diagnoses is increasing Infectious trap 4535 out of a total of 2,288,545. Health officials report another 158 deaths related to the corona virus to Robert Koch within 24 hours. A total of 61,675 people have died from the virus since the outbreak. The seven-day event is 76.0. The federal government is targeting a value of less than 50. However, the numbers are often lower on weekends because there is less testing and not all health officials share the data.




Six weeks later Corona-Lock Town Open inside Austria Business again on Monday. Children and adolescents are allowed to go back to school for face-to-face classes – sometimes in shifts and with regular corona tests. Hairdressers can cut clients’ hair again. Strict health measures apply. Wearing a particularly safe FFP2 mask is mandatory almost everywhere. The number of new infections is still relatively high. Politicians do not reject another lock.

The full report can be found here.



A Petition A Stop des Corona virus-lockdowns Has already collected 87,000 signatures, reports blick.ch. This was announced Monday (25) by young freelance entrepreneur and petitioner Leroy Buchsold, 25. Poocholt is a member of the board of the city of Jungfriesinny in Zurich.

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Tie petition “Stop Locking” Go to the final stage, it was said. Thanks to donations, posters and advertising are now placed on social media as well, Bouchault explained. The campaign’s website says “Having 100,000 signatures – like a federal popular initiative”.



In England More than twelve million people are prime ministers Vaccine Against the corona virus obtained. It comes from current government figures from Sunday. By mid-February, the British government wants to provide vaccinations to the most vulnerable groups – those over 70, those with pre-existing conditions and medical and nursing staff – thus 15 million people. We now hope that this milestone will be reached. People over the age of 50 should be vaccinated by May.

Due to early and extensive purchases from various manufacturers, Great Britain is less susceptible to supply restrictions on vaccines than, for example, EU countries. The WHO has already called on the country to phase out vaccination as soon as the most vulnerable groups in the UK population are vaccinated. If all vaccine manufacturers with contracts in the UK had approved their drugs, the country would have ordered enough to vaccinate its population three times.



Worldwide It has been shown to have a population of over 105.98 million Corona virus Infected. It provides the number of Reuters based on official data. At least 2.31 million people were infected or died. The United States, India, Brazil, Russia and Great Britain have the highest rates of epidemics.

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US President Joe Biden Do not consider the so-called Herd immunity In the United States at the end of the summer. This is very difficult, he says in an interview with CBS News. With “herd immunity”, many people resist the virus and it can no longer spread. Scientists estimate that this will be achieved by vaccinating about 70 percent of the population.



France Reports are falling for the fourth day in a row Infection numbers. The health ministry said 19,175 new cases had been registered in the last 24 hours. The previous day it was 20,586. However, the number of patients being treated in the hospital has increased from 27,369 to 27,694. The number of daily corona deaths also increases from 3,225 to 3,272.

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