April 10, 2021

Lakefront Hartwell

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Corona Ticker: Lacet wants a consistent solution for schools

In Ukraine, the number of new infections is rising every day. According to Health Minister Maxim Stepanov, 19,893 cases were counted within 24 hours. The death toll from the virus also rose to 433. Several major cities in the country, including the capital Kiev, are already under severe lockdown.

CDU President Armin Lacet wants to achieve a nationwide uniform regulation of how things will proceed to schools after the Easter break. Lacet, who is also the prime minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, said he hoped education ministers would coordinate and that “we will have clarity on school start-ups and safe conditions by the end of next week.” In any case, a comprehensive testing strategy is essential. “We need to make sure that tests are conducted twice a week at any type of school – at any time.”

The CDU leader admitted that it would be harmful to children if schools were not closed. However, there are indications that children from Great Britain and Germany are more susceptible to the British virus variant than the first virus.

In Great Britain, there have been about 30 cases of rare blood clots after AstraZeneca vaccines. There have been no such reports after using the Biotech / Pfizer vaccine. The company says the benefits of the astrogenic vaccine outweigh the potential risks.

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