April 10, 2021

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Corona mutation is very dangerous for children: beware of current statistics

The British mutant spreads rapidly, especially among children. What has long been known from Great Britain is now clearly visible in this country as well.

Germany – Current statistics from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) show a clear picture: the British mutant B1.1.7 corona virus is more contagious in children than in the wild. The number of cases is currently increasing at any age as 0-14 year olds (additional news about corona virus in RUHR24.de).

Corona virus SARS – Cove-2
Infectious disease Govit-19
Common symptoms Fever, cough, runny nose, loss of smell and taste; In children: nausea and vomiting

Corona in children: Significant infections in schools and day care centers

Germany now has a firm grip on the third wave. On Thursday (March 25), RKI registered 22,657 new infections – 6,800 more than the previous day. Bavaria’s Prime Minister Marcus Soder (CSU) has called it not the third wave since the last federal-state summit, but a “completely new epidemic.”

As far as the risk of infection in children is concerned, this report is true. Previously 14-year-olds were less affected by Govt-19, so there are now more infections in schools and day care centers. A week ago, RKI chief Lothar Wheeler warned that infections among children were on the rise “fast” – since then the situation has worsened again.

Covid-19 in children: more than 100 events – for all ages

The RKI management report since Tuesday (March 23) shows that there are now more than 100 people of all ages under the age of fourteen. The incidence of alumni (15 to 19 years old) worth 139 is even higher. 5-9 year olds, 126, are higher than the nationwide average, which is currently 113 (as of March 25).

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Overall, the 7-day incidence in children has more than doubled in the past four weeks, according to the RKI. The number of affected children up to the age of five is particularly alarming. Infections among Kita children peaked at 78 before Christmas: but it dropped again – even in the sixth calendar week of the year, it was only 34.

Corona mutation is prevalent in schools and daycare centers – teachers warn of misleading school openings

Despite the fact that schools and daycare centers have been affected more than ever, opening has not been an issue in past federal-state talks. In politics, this rule is still followed: “Schools and day care centers are closed last and reopen first.” Like the Union of Education and Science (GEW), the German Teachers’ Association warns against openings that are considered wrong.

Compared to Editorial Network Germany (RND) GEW President Marlis Depp warned that schools and daycare centers would “become epidemics” if nothing changed now. Many mayors in North Rhine-Westphalia have acknowledged the danger. Like the cities of Duron and Duisburg, Dortmund is currently in favor of school closures. So far, Mayor Thomas Westball’s demands have not been met. Many nurseries in Dortmund are now infested with British mutants.

Corona mutation is highly contagious in children – doctors have been warning since the beginning of this year

This mutant B.1.1.7 has long been known to be highly contagious and dangerous to children. The infectious process in schools and day care centers should therefore not surprise anyone at this time.

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German virologist Christian Troston warned in January that a second wave in Great Britain had hit the country hard, especially as schools reopened. The mutated B.1.1.7 practice “traveled on a school wave”, hence Troston. The most cited British research team NERVTAG announced at the end of 2020 that the newly discovered mutant B.1.1.7 was highly contagious to children.

Govt-19 in children: Many British students became ill

The number of cases from Great Britain also shows that this mutation led to numerous infections in British children. As of Wednesday (March 24), more than half a million British children have been affected in the UK.

For comparison: in Germany (as of March 23) there are only 210,000 registered Covid-19 cases among 14-year-olds. Great Britain already has a total of 4.3 million corona cases, while Germany has only 2.7 million. Overall, older populations are more vulnerable than children in Great Britain.

Corona mutation is more dangerous for young people: more admission to a pediatric hospital in the UK

Nevertheless, numbers from the UK clearly show the influence of the clumsy B.1.1.7. So far, about 5,300 children with Covid-19 have been hospitalized in Great Britain – with only 1,100 inpatients admitted in Germany. Delivery over time in Great Britain is worrying: more than 850 British children had to be hospitalized in December alone – more than 1,200 in January. This is according to the initiative of the British parents “Long Govid Kids” Official data of the British Government. Nearly 4,000 British children have been hospitalized in the last 130 days alone.

Parental Initiative Long Govit Kids Govid-19 provides a voice for children affected by long-term effects. The long-term effects on children caused by Govit-19 have increased significantly, with an increasing number of cases in the UK. For example, SPD health expert Carl Lauterback is currently warning young people of the long-term effects of Covit-19 on Twitter.

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Corona mutation: Post-viral goiter syndrome is very common in British children

Another reason for the increase in inpatient enrollment for British children is pediatric multicenter syndrome (PIMS) – now also known as multicast inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C) in children. About 100 British children were hospitalized with the disease each week earlier this year. These were the numbers From the British newspaper for the first time in early February Defender Published.

The disease occurs two to four weeks after infection. In the UK, the frequency is loud Defender Compared to the first wave of infections caused by the strain – this is the cause of a higher number of cases. Inflammatory syndrome can lead to symptoms such as fever, skin rash, gastrointestinal problems, but more severe heart problems.

Corona in children: a cause of mutation caution

However, for older population groups, severe courses of Govit-19 are still rare in children. So far, the situation is not a cause for panic, but doctors have come to the conclusion that caution should be exercised in any case.

The mantra that schools are not drivers and children are not in danger can no longer be sustained considering UK figures. Meanwhile, a new problem is emerging in Great Britain: although the overall incidence is less than 60, the incidence of 5- to 14-year-olds is currently on the rise. The country reopened schools on Monday (March 8) after being locked for about two months.

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