March 6, 2021

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Car insurance: What has changed in car travel to the UK? – 02/21/21

You ask, we answer! The editorial board of Eurozone Zontake answers reader questions on legal, financial and insurance topics. Martin Reem, Euro Am Sondak

What will Brexit change to car insurance?

Sunday Euro: If you want to travel to Great Britain by car – despite the Corona – you should take the so-called green card with you. “As the interim rules for Brexit expired at the end of 2020, British officials were able to claim proof of insurance when entering the country,” explains Hans-Peter Lockhaft, a motor vehicle expert at R + V Versicherung. Officially known as the “International Motor Insurance Card”, this document is available free of charge from your motor insurance company.

Lockhaft also advises that you adopt a traffic law protection policy (unless you already have one). His reason: If the Germans were involved in an accident, their contact person was exclusively a British insurer. “Then in many cases you need a British lawyer to support you. This can be time consuming and expensive, especially when a case is needed.”

Here, too, Brexit has changed the situation. Because in principle, German drivers who have been damaged abroad by a vehicle from another EU country can contact the German representative of the liability insurer. “This way you can claim damages quickly and easily,” Lockhaft explains. Incidentally, nothing has changed in the event of an accident with a British vehicle in Germany: the German green card office in Berlin continues to support this.

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