October 19, 2021

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Building collapse in Florida: death toll rises to 9 (Mayor)

The death toll from a spectacular building collapse near Miami, Florida, has dropped from 5 to 9, officials said Sunday. More than 150 are still missing.

“We were able to find four more bodies and additional human remains in the rubble,” Miami-Tate County Mayor Daniel Levine Cava told a news conference.

“Currently, one person has died at the hospital, where we have found eight victims, so today I confirm that the death toll is nine,” he added.

“We do everything we can to identify these others who have been discovered,” he said. Local police have already identified the first four victims.

The mayor did not mention the new number of missing, but it was 156 on Saturday.

More than 80 hours after the disaster, the search for the survivors continues day and night in the hope of finding survivors, although the chances are gradually dwindling.

Authorities must mediate between those who use sophisticated research, acoustics and the maintenance of potential air pockets and those who use large machinery to clear debris, and these heavy mechanisms could cause the mountain to collapse further. Ruins.

The rescuers followed a strategy of digging a trench in the rubble. The trench has now reached 38 meters in length, six meters wide and 12 meters deep.

At dawn on Thursday, twelve floors of the Champlain Towers seaport complex on the southeastern United States collapsed. About 55 apartments have been affected by the tragedy.

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