April 10, 2021

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Brussels and London fail to agree on vaccine dispute …

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In the dispute over the corona vaccine between Brussels EU and Great Britain, there is no agreement. The discussion on further cooperation is just the beginning, said today from circles of the EU Commission in Brussels.

The supply of the astrogenic vaccine from the Dutch Holix plant to Great Britain has not yet been negotiated. An EU representative contradicted British media reports of a close compromise.

Over the past few weeks both sides have been harshly critical of each other. The reason was reduced by the British-Swedish manufacturer AstraZeneca: instead of 300 million vaccine doses, the company intends to deliver only 100 million to the EU by the middle of this year. Great Britain, on the other hand, has not been affected by the cuts in a long time. British officials insisted that their AstraZeneca agreement gave priority to the EU agreement.

The EU Commission responded with stringent export restrictions, announcing that Great Britain had already received 21 million vaccines from the EU, but in practice did not allow any supply to the EU. Most recently, EU Commissioner Theory Breton announced that the company would not allow Astrogenage vaccine exports before the company fulfills its contract delivery obligations to the EU.

To resolve the conflict, the European Union and Great Britain agreed to negotiate last week on closer cooperation in vaccination. However, according to EU data, they have not yet reached momentum. © dpa / aerzteblatt.de