February 25, 2021

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Britain wants to test passengers twice

According to a newspaper report, Great Britain wants to double-check all passengers for corona virus infection. It aims to prevent the spread of mutations in the pathogen, writes the “Telegraph”.
The move will be announced by Health Secretary Matt Hancock next week.

Ten days of hotel isolation

The UK is forcing travelers from more than 30 countries to isolate hotels for ten days from February 15 to prevent the spread of new corona virus strains. The Ministry of Health in London has announced that it is coming from states classified as high risk areas. Austria is not affected, but Portugal, South America and all countries including South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

All other immigrants must self-isolate for ten days as before. The new measure is primarily aimed at repatriating British travelers. People who do not live in the UK are already barred from entering these countries. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has long announced the move. A specific date has not yet been provided. Labor, the largest opposition party, called it “completely incomprehensible” that the government had waited so long and had not taken immediate action.

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