April 10, 2021

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Brexit: Great Britain softens Northern Ireland ethic

In the controversy over the Brexit rules for the British province of Northern Ireland, London has once again presented the EU with a false record. According to the PA news agency, the import ban on plants planted in the soil from Great Britain has been temporarily lifted. This also applies to plants or vegetables from Great Britain that still have traces of soil.

The ban on potted plants in particular caused problems for nurseries – critics of the so-called Northern Ireland protocol in the Brexit agreement cited this rule as evidence of excessive and disproportionate bureaucracy.

Previously, London extended the phase of unilateral transition, while food imports from Great Britain to Northern Ireland were less restricted. The EU Commission acted angrily and announced legal action.

Northern Ireland Protocol aims to prevent the recurrence of civil war

The purpose of the hard-negotiated Northern Ireland protocol was to block the border controls between the British province and the EU state of Ireland – thus creating new violence in the former Civil War region. The Brexit agreement provides that Northern Ireland will continue to comply with EU rules on product standards and customs regulations. The result is a trade border within the UK. It must therefore restrict imports from Great Britain to Northern Ireland and comply with EU requirements.

In addition, the British government relaxed strict rules for transporting agricultural and forestry machinery from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. In London, a government spokesman said some provisions of the protocol “had direct and often disproportionate effects on lives and livelihoods”.

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