April 10, 2021

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Boris Johnson becomes Corona’s hero as “Mr. Jab”

Boris Johnson has long been criticized for his administration in the Corona crisis. The British Prime Minister has now gone “all in” with his vaccination program – And lucky. But there are also losers.

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If you want to hear what the corona virus vaccine means, all you have to do is ask Boris Johnson. No one pronounces the word “jab” as happily as the English-British Prime Minister for the vaccine. In its significance, the small word has an obvious inspiring effect. Johnson often talks about “jabs” because the two-and-a-half-month-long vaccination campaign makes headlines. Right center: Boris Johnson. Or: “Mr. Jab”.

The populist is in his organ, shirt rolled up and elbow congratulations. Johnson never tires of insisting that he is “fit to be a butcher dog.” Its popularity is high. “People are like him because he’s so confident,” says Jill Rutter of the government think tank. “Looks like you want to go to the pub with him. He doesn’t take himself too seriously.” It works.

“Data, not dates” – The goal of “unlocking”

But now it means: Friends mode is disabled, heads of state. In Parliament, the Prime Minister’s Exit – “Opening” – Since the third is already locked. Caution – you could say you’re almost like a politician – Johnson continues. He asks for scientific data, not for dates: “data, not dates”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson: He can’t stress enough that he feels “fit as a butcher dog”. (Source: Dominic Lipinski / Pool via AP / AP / dpa)

The Prime Minister has announced four levels every five weeks – if infection numbers play a role. News: It should all be over by the end of June. Johnson says the decision is “cautious”, but “irreversible.” “I believe that the road to freedom is a one-way street, and that journey is made possible by the speed of the vaccination program.” One-third of adults have now received their first dose. Hundreds of thousands are added every day.

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Expectations were high: “Finally let go of the brakes, Boris”, headlined the “Daily Mail”. Parts of his conservative party sit around Johnson’s neck, calling for quick openings. With “irreversible” planning, I want to sell out slowly, says Rutter.

Political scientist Simon Asherwood believes the prime minister poses a greater risk. “He may like it, but he has no way to control it,” Asherwood says. “It should come up with a new variant that is immune to a vaccine, and we’ll get a new wave of corona.” And Britain should be locked up for the fourth time. But critics say Johnson is currently in the lead. Asherwood says luck is involved in the success of the vaccination program. However, the move ended up being like going “all in” in poker.

An interview as a low point

All of Johnson’s vaccine decisions – some of which have provoked criticism – have so far proven to be correct: two vaccinations beginning in early December and long – term intervals after special approval for the drug from pharmaceutical companies Biotech and Pfizer.

It was not long before Johnson became a one-day conscientious objector. The Prime Minister has been very elegant, very ignorant, very erratic since the onset of the epidemic – and has not seen the right balance for months. Promised, broken: Johnson had to withdraw promises again and again and take drastic action than he had announced.

The government rarely seemed to be in a state of renewal. The low point is the utterly failed interview with the BBC in early January. In it, the Prime Minister strongly supported that schools be reopened the next day. Had to withdraw a good queue after 24 hours – schools closed again a day later.

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Johnson’s “Long Learning Curve”

“You have to take into account that he was very inexperienced when he came to power,” Rutter says. Johnson had already served as London mayor and secretary of state, but work at 10 Downing Street was not comparable. In addition: Since taking office in July 2019, Johnson has been fully occupied with Brexit and the general election, which he won by a large margin. Until the epidemic started, he did not have time to come to the office properly. “It was with years of experience for Chancellor Angela Merkel.”

The Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson points to an AstraZeneca vaccine vial: his vaccine campaign is an absolute success.  (Source: dpa / Jeremy Selwyn / Evening Standard / BA Wire)The Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson points to an AstraZeneca vaccine vial: his vaccine campaign is an absolute success. (Source: Jeremy Selwyn / Evening Standard / PA Wire / DPA)

Meanwhile, Johnson also has experience. “We are making more progress now,” Rutter acknowledged. He attests that the Prime Minister has a “long learning curve”. Johnson may now be involved with advisers around him. Economist Dan Rosenfield has been his chief executive since the end of November – he replaced Dominic Cummings, who was seen as a powerful Brexit supporter, a key figure in the nationwide hatred and government seat. Since then, the decision-making process on “No. 10” has been very disciplined, Rutter says.

The opposition suffers. Although the government stumbled for months during the epidemic, Labor was by no means able to defeat Johnson’s Conservatives in the election. “My mother is only interested in when she will be vaccinated,” the online portal “Politico” recently quoted a labor politician. Especially since Labor supports drastic corona measures. Rutter says, “An opposition party wins because people are tired of the government, not because of its plan.”

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