April 10, 2021

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Blake reminds us of Queen Elizabeth II of corona infection

LONDON (AP) – Queen Elizabeth II, 94, feels the corona crisis is reminiscent of other serious epidemics.

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“I mean, it’s a plague, isn’t it?” The Queen said in a video conference with those responsible for the UK vaccination campaign. “Because not only do we have the virus, it’s everywhere, it’s a weird fight where everyone is really fighting.”

The king praised the joint effort against the epidemic. The sense of community reminds them of World War II. “You know this when everyone pulls back.” She has the impression that memories of the war evoked today’s social sentiment in the struggle against Corona.

The Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, 99, received their first vaccination against the corona virus on January 9th. Now the Queen commented surprisingly about her experience. “It doesn’t hurt at all,” he said. “Once you get vaccinated you feel protected. I think that’s very important.” The Queen stressed, “It happened so quickly, I have received so many letters from people who are very surprised at how easy it is to get vaccinated.”

The Queen’s eldest son, the heir to the throne, Prince Charles (72), and his wife Duchess Camila (73) have already received the first dose. Grandson Prince William, 38, recently stressed that he was looking forward to his vaccination but was waiting for his turn. Both Charles and William contracted the corona virus.

In fact, information about the Royals’ health is strictly personal. With the announcement of her vaccination, the Queen wanted to stop speculation and misinformation, as heard from palace circles. In an interview with those responsible for administering the vaccine in the UK, Wales, Scotland and parts of Northern Ireland, the Queen understood that some people are afraid to get vaccinated. “But you have to think about others other than yourself.”

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The head of state praised the progress of the vaccination campaign. So far, official figures show that about 18.7 million people in the UK have received the first dose, more than one in three adults. “It’s remarkable how fast this is happening and how many people have already been vaccinated,” Rani said. After the interview, Emily Lawson, who is in charge of vaccine distribution in the UK, stressed that the Queen’s statements were “an incredibly important vote of confidence in this project”.

The Royals have recently shown a strong presence to demonstrate their support for health services and nursing staff. Queen’s daughter-in-law Sophie van Wessex, 56, helped out at a vaccination center in London on Thursday. A spokesman for the St. John Ambulance of the first aid organization said the wife of Prince Edward, the youngest son of the royal couple, had completed the necessary training and was volunteering.