September 21, 2021

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BCIJ welcomes accredited diplomats in Rabat in the wake of the Pegasus affair

Many accredited ambassadors to Morocco visit the BCIJ headquarters. MAP

A number of accredited ambassadors to Morocco visited the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency (PCIJ) on Thursday. “This is an opportunity for diplomats to learn about Morocco’s efforts in the fight against terrorism and organized crime.” The official MAP company reports.

The declared purpose of the visit was to appreciate the actions of security forces, especially in the fight against terrorism. “Importance of Morocco’s Defense Cooperation with Other Countries in the World”. A telecommunications operation addressed to diplomatic forces at a time when Moroccan intelligence services were being accused of being banned stories, its media partners and Amnesty International To use Israeli spyware Pegasus To spy on many public figures including foreign officials.

The delegation of diplomats visiting BCIJ headquarters included Cameroon, Chad, Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Rwanda, Nigeria, Belgium, Tunisia, Portugal, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Mauritania and the United States. Charge de Affairs, Libya, Canada and Spain.

The absence of the French and Germans, however, is noteworthy.

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