September 20, 2021

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Bashar al-Assad has been re-elected President of Syria

LAt a press conference on Thursday evening, May 27, Parliament Speaker Hammood Sabah announced that Bashar al-Assad had been re-elected with 95.1% of the vote, noting that 14.2 million people out of 18.1 million took part in the vote. Theoretically called to vote, i.e. the turnout is 76.64%.

The two men considered to be foil, former minister and Member of Parliament Abdullah Sallum Abdullah and government-backed opposition member Mahmoud Marez received 1.5% and 3.3% of the vote, respectively.

“We sacrifice Bashar for you”

Overthrown in 2000, after his father Hafiz, who died after 30 years of unchallenged rule, Bashar al-Assad blasted Westerners, Washington and Europeans on Wednesday, believing the election was not free. In 2014, he received more than 88% of the vote, according to official results.

In Damascus, thousands of Bashar al-Assad supporters gathered in Umayyad Square, waving Syrian flags and portraits of the president, chanting slogans for his glory and dance. We sacrifice for you with our soul, with our blood, Bashar ”, They thought.

A large stage was set up in the middle of the square, while giant portraits of the president stood in the surrounding area and nearby streets. The evening was paved with patriotic songs, light performances and fireworks.

“Again, Assad is winning (…) We are with you, the leader of war and peace. ”, Says Haseem Latdeep, 28, standing on the roof of his car in Umayyad Square. “In the beginning we trusted him and will continue the journey with him”, Adds the young man wearing a T-shirt bearing the portrait of the Syrian president.

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Assad’s victory has two messages, the first addressed to the Syrians, the message of a leader who wants to win the war and the reconstruction phase, and the second aims to a president’s foreigner to lead the talks. End of floor fightFor his part, the 52-year-old doctor told AFP Hoveda al-Nidal.

Even before the official results were announced, tens of thousands of Syrians had gathered in several cities across the country as the vote count ended. In the port city of Tartus (west), the crowd waved flags and portraits of Bashar al-Assad, with some reportedly dancing while beating drums, according to Syrian television broadcasts. Thousands of people gathered in the coastal city of Latakia, in the southern city of Soyida, or in Aleppo (north).

388,000 people died

This is the second presidential election since its inception in 2011, a devastating war involving many militant and foreign powers. More than 388,000 people have been killed in the conflict, which was born out of the repression of pro-democracy protesters. The fight is now clearly over.

According to the UN, more than 80% of the Syrian population lives in poverty

In a country with dilapidated infrastructure, Bashar al-Assad presents himself as a man of restoration after capturing two-thirds of the territory since 2015 with military support with the support of his allies Russia and Iran.

Kurdish autonomous regions in the Northeast boycotted the ballot. Like the last major jihadi and rebel stronghold in Idleb (northwest), home to about three million people. The vote expelled opposition figures from exile, so weak that electoral law demanded that candidates live in Syria for ten consecutive years.

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Washington and several European powers have already condemned an election ahead of schedule.Will not be free or fair”. OppositionMask”. “None of your comments are uselessBashar al-Assad responded on Wednesday.

According to the UN, the election came amid historic depreciation of the currency, widespread inflation and the economic downturn, with more than 80% of the population living in poverty.

Mr. Like Assad, Syria is a target of international sanctions. And the requirements for reconstruction are enormous. The latest report from the voluntary charity World Vision estimates that the economic cost of the war is more than $ 1.2 trillion (just over $ 1,000 billion).