April 10, 2021

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Aurelius: Another acquisition in Great Britain

Image and Copyright: Aurelius.

In the morning Aurelius announced the acquisition in Great Britain, and in the afternoon came another purchase news from the Munich company. The company buys the SSE contract. Seller SSE PLC. The company is valued at 27.5 million GB. Further financial details have not been released.

The new acquisition is a contracting company for services in the fields of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. This includes areas for rail and track construction, street lighting and high voltage technology. Among other things, more than 1 million street lights are in service.

It has 1,900 employees in Great Britain and Ireland. Most customers are from the public and private sectors.

Aurelius UK Managing Director Tristan Knockler says: “With this, Aurelius has managed four transactions in the last month alone, which further strengthens our excellent reputation in dealing with special circumstances.”

Meanwhile, Bader’s analysts are confirming the buy recommendation for Aurelius shares. Experts see the price target at 35 35.60. So far it is 31.30 euros.

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Aurelius: Acquisition in Great Britain

Aurelius buys auto restaurant. Seller Belron International. Financial details are not given. Acquisition is a provider of mobile accident repair services in the UK. Aurelius completes his own portfolio in this area around Rivas and Pullman. The acquisition will become part of Rivas, which provides naval management services in the UK. 130 mobile repair vehicles operate the auto store and process 30,000 orders annually. Customers include insurers and naval management companies. Together with Reeves and Pullman, Auto Restore is increasing its market leadership in the field of naval management and accident repair. Aurelius CEO Matthias Duplex: “After joint ventures with HmbPPE GmbH and Panasonic and BringFrico’s European consumer battery business, the acquisition of Auto Restore is the latest in a series of corporate carvings by Aurelius … Read this news!

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