April 10, 2021

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At 48,000 km / h: Meteorite found in Great Britain

Panorama At a speed of 48,000 km / h

Fireball in the sky – Meteorite found in Great Britain

A meteorite outside a picture book

The point of light appeared at 9:54 pm local time and got bigger and brighter until it disappeared seconds later. The meteorite can be seen as far south as Scotland in the UK.

Polite flew from the sky to Earth at a speed of about 48,000 kilometers per hour: a meteor struck in England on Sunday evening. The tumor has not yet been found – the researcher explains what the inventor should do.

eThe presence of the meteorite in Britain has caused a stir among scientists and eyewitnesses. Hundreds of people observed the celestial body on Sunday evening, the UK Fireball Alliance announced Monday. Fireball was also seen in Iceland and the Netherlands.

The pieces of the meteorite crashed into the earth north of Cheltenham, 140 kilometers northwest of London.

Particularly bright meteors are also called bolides. These are often rocks that rush into space at high speeds. When it enters the Earth’s atmosphere, it brakes in the face of resistance. It generates heat and light – this phenomenon is then seen in the night sky.

Too fast to space junk

Video recordings showed the piece traveling at 48,000 kilometers per hour, said Ashley King of the Museum of Natural History in London. It’s too fast to be man – made space debris. “So this is not an old rocket or satellite.”

These videos also made it possible to reconstruct the original orbit around the Sun: the celestial body was mostly in motion between Mars and Jupiter.

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“If you see a meteorite, take a picture of it if possible and write coordinates,” Katherine Joy of the University of Manchester asked. You should not touch the rock.

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