April 10, 2021

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Astrogenogen Vaccines: The UK reports 30 blood clots

Status: 04/02/2021 01:04 P.M.

There are about 18 million astrogenogen vaccines in the UK – officials now report about 30 cases of thrombosis. The risk is “too small”. In Germany, young people are recommended to use a different vaccine for the second dose.

In the UK, of the more than 18 million vaccines with astrogeneca, a total of about 30 rare cases of thrombosis have been reported. This was announced by the British Medicines Agency MHRA in its current report. “The risk of getting this particular type of blood clot is very small,” it says. So far – as of March 24 – 22 cases of cerebral nerve thrombosis and eight other types of thrombosis have been reported in Germany.

Another document from the agency listed a total of 24 cases of cerebral nerve thrombosis. The reason for this difference is that it also includes thromboses that are not caused by an insufficient number of blood platelets. “Based on this ongoing investigation, the benefits of vaccines against Govt-19 outweigh the risks,” write MHRA experts.

STIKO recommends younger vaccine changes

In Germany, federal and state health ministers decided on Tuesday that the product should generally only be given to people 60 and over. Young people can give it at their own risk after clarification with the doctor.

The Standing Vaccine Commission (Stico) yesterday revised its recommendation to prescribe a different vaccine for young people after the first vaccination with Astrogeneneka. Therefore, people under the age of 60 should be vaccinated with the MRNA vaccine after twelve weeks instead of the second estrogenogen dose – these are BioTech / Pfizer or Modernna vaccines.

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STIKO recommendation for the estrogen vaccine for those under sixty

Christian Felt, A.R.D. Berlin, Takeshaw 8:00 pm, April 2, 2021

Wednesday talk at AstraZeneca

Federal Health Minister Jens Spann announced on Twitter on Wednesday that she would talk to federal health ministers about STIKO’s recommendation. “STIKO’s additional recommendation on second vaccines makes it clear to about 2.2 million citizens over the past 60 weeks that they are the first to be vaccinated with astrogenica in the last few weeks,” the CDU politician wrote. “You can get your second vaccine after 12 weeks with the MRNA vaccine (Biotech or Moderna) or after personal consultation with AstraZeneca’s medical choice.”

According to Spawn, these second vaccines will not be available until early April, as AstraZeneca has only been vaccinated in Germany since early February.

Mertens defends change recommendations

In “Spiegel”, Thomas Mertens, chairman of the Standards Vaccine Commission, commented on the changing recommendations of his expert panel on the Astrogenega vaccine. “The Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), which is responsible for security monitoring in Germany, recognized a clear signal that STIKO should react,” he said.

He found no damage to the image of the vaccine campaign. “The current situation shows that the security system is operating in Germany. He considers it a disgrace,” he said. “It depends on the redistribution so as not to jeopardize the vaccine rate.

31 suspicious cases in Germany

In this country, 31 cases of cerebral nerve thrombosis were reported earlier this week after the AstraZeneca vaccine, as reported by Paul Earlich. So far, nearly three million people have received the first dose of this drug.

In Germany, based on the one million people vaccinated, suspicions of cerebral thrombosis are more common than in Great Britain. A total of more than 31 million people have already been vaccinated, more than 18 million of whom are with AstraZeneca. Since then the epidemic situation in the country has improved significantly, with seven cases lasting 55 cases per 100,000 population recently.

No special German route – Stico boss Thomas Mertens defends AstroZeneca approach

Guy Clement, A.R.D. Berlin, 2.4.2021 06:02