October 19, 2021

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Astrogeneca plans to seek approval for the 3rd dose vaccine

After Pfizer-Biontech, AstraZeneca president Fran ஆois Oliver Nadaf announced on Friday that the lab also plans to seek approval for the 3rd dose modified vaccine, which will be highly effective against variants.

This is to strengthen the immune defenses of people who have already been vaccinated in two doses, especially in the face of the appearance of the delta variant, which is highly viral and more than 60% contagious, according to NATOF continuous news channel PFMTV.

“We can submit a file to the European Cup Agency for a third injection … which is currently under study”, Did he announce?

The Swedish-British laboratory says it already has “preliminary results”, proving “extra safety” when the third dose is injected six months after the second supplement.

“We find that the immune system continues to function and continue to produce antibodies, which is very encouraging.“, Oliver Knaudoff noted, the laboratory is also considering “Use of the most effective modified vaccine against variants”, ‘One of France’s main concerns is that the delta strain will dominate from this weekend.

The Pfizer / Bioendech Alliance announced the day before the purpose of the request “In the coming weeks” Approval for the 3rd dose of its anti-covalent vaccine.

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