April 10, 2021

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AstraZeneca problem on the continent: The British continue to vaccinate

London. The British government accelerated its security offensive and sent out its ministers to reassure the people on all channels and in interviews. The AstraZeneca vaccine is safe, effective and has already saved thousands of lives in this country – it was repeated like a prayer wheel after reports from Germany raised new questions about the side effects of the vaccine.

But it only happened to a certain extent. On the island, the discussion in continental Europe is followed with a certain understanding. Housing Minister Robert Genrik said he saw no reason to question the use of the vaccine developed by Oxford University. The government has 100% confidence in the effectiveness of drugs, and this has been confirmed by various studies, the UK pharmaceutical company MHRA and recent research.

The EMA and the World Health Organization also concluded that the benefits of drugs outweigh the risks. “The Oxford vaccine is safe and the Pfizer vaccine is safe. However, the safeguard is to get the cow, “said Prime Minister Boris Johnson before taking the shovel in his hand recently. This is, of course, a question of the” Oxford vaccine, “which has often been praised by the media and politicians.

It is celebrated in England as a “symbol of British courage and genius”, wrote the Irish Times. While experts warn of the consequences of “vaccine nationalism”, the government’s pride in the vaccine developed in Oxford in conjunction with the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca cannot be hidden.

Scientists insist on data

In the kingdom, the success of the vaccination program depends more on AstraZeneca than on the continent. About 31 million people – almost 60 percent of adults – have received at least the first vaccine. For the most part it was supplied with AstraZeneca solution, which is manufactured in two factories in Great Britain.

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According to the MHRA, 13.7 million units of AstraZeneca product and 10.9 million doses of Pfizer / Biotech have been vaccinated by March 14. For a few weeks now, it’s the turn of people over 50, according to media reports, AstraZeneca has only been offered for the first vaccines, while the previously approved Pfizer product was used in the first month of the campaign, which began on December 8th.


The doctor is already vaccinating in his practice: “We called the phones first – the best answer”

ENT Physician Dr. Christian Lopers has been vaccinated at his doctor’s training in Weilheim since Tuesday. How to answer? What does he say to AstraZeneca? © RNT

In order to dispel possible doubts in general, scientists are primarily emphasizing data. According to the MHRA, there were five cases of sinus nerve thrombosis in one of the eleven million astrogenic people vaccinated, one of which was fatal. Considering the high number of levels and the frequency at which blood clots occur naturally, there is no need to stop.

Cheap and easy to store – The vaccine should be the savior, referred to as the “vaccine for the world”. In fact, in early April 2020, the world was looking at Oxford with optimism. When scientists at the university’s Jenner Institute – Europe’s first team – began testing the vaccine they had developed for humans, the epidemic was still in its infancy.

Fractures, Mistakes and Misunderstandings

The news that leaked in the coming months was promising. Experts were pleased that this agent could play a decisive role in the fight against the corona virus.

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How did the vaccine for the infamous AstraZeneca problem drug go from admiring Oxford believers? In July last year, the British-Swedish company AstroGeneca promised to sell the product globally if it was successful. The world was happy.

But over the next few months, accidents, misunderstandings and misunderstandings caused a stir. In addition, there was anger on the continent over supply disruptions and broken promises. Stop the vaccination and change the recommendations. Image damage occurred. The English are not the only ones still prevented – and continue to be vaccinated.