April 10, 2021

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Arrest during unauthorized vigil for women killed in London

D.Despite strict corona restrictions, Sarah E., who is said to have killed hundreds of people in south London. Attempts by police to break up the unauthorized crowd on Saturday evening sparked a wave of criticism on online networks. Footage showed police handcuffing several people who took part in the vigil at a park in the vicinity of the club.

Opposition leader Khair Stormer wrote on Twitter: “The situation in Glafam tonight is very disturbing. “I share their anger and dismay at how this has been handled. It’s not the right way to monitor this protest.”

Awareness organizers canceled the event because police banned it due to corona restrictions. However, hundreds of people came to the park anyway despite the ban. Protesters shouted at police “ashamed” and an elite British police officer was officially charged with murdering a young woman.

Discussion on the safety of women

A police officer from a unit for the protection of parliamentarians and diplomats was arrested last Tuesday on suspicion of kidnapping. The murder suspicion against him was later confirmed. He has also been accused of indecent exposure.

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