September 21, 2021

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Algiers intensifies anticoagulant activity before relapse, curfew ordered from 8pm to 6am, H24info

The Algerian government on Sunday tightened its anti-virus measures and promised to speed up the vaccination drive in the face of rising pollution caused by the rapid spread of the delta variant.

It was thus decided to extend the curfew order for 10 days from Monday night 8:00 pm (7:00 pm) to 6:00 am (05:00 GMT) in 58 vilayas (35 provinces). ), Including Algiers, according to a statement issued after a panel of ministers headed by the head of state.

President Abdelmadjit Deboun argued that “an increase in the vaccination rate in high-density areas is the first evidence of pollution.”

He urged the government to achieve the “immediate goal of vaccinating 2.5 million people in Algiers and 50% of the population in the worst-affected areas of Aaron, Constantine, Setif and the villages of Overklaw.”

Algeria has so far received 7.7 million doses of the vaccine – Russian (Spotnik V), Swedish-British (Astrogenic) and Chinese (Sinovak and Sinoform) – for a population of 44 million.

Epidemiologists estimate that at least 20 million Algerians will need to be vaccinated to achieve joint immunity.

Algeria should start producing Chinese Sinovac vaccine domestically, according to the Ministry of Drugs.

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Chinese experts arrived on Friday to inspect equipment and materials for the production of Sinovak at the factory of the state-owned pharmaceutical group Sydeline in Constantine (northeast).

A few months ago, Algiers announced that the Russian vaccine Spotnik V would be manufactured in the region from September.

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The most populous country in the Maghreb has been facing a clear resumption of pollution for weeks.

The daily record of infections was attacked on Friday, with 1,350 cases, the health ministry said.

Officially, about 160,000 corona viruses and more than 4,000 deaths have been reported in Algeria since the outbreak began in late February 2020.

For its part, the Bashar Institute of Algeria announced on its Facebook page on Sunday that “on July 15, the delta variant has replaced all other types of viruses that were in circulation until then, with 71% of viruses in circulation.” The company predicts “more than 90% in the coming weeks”.