September 20, 2021

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Algeria: The Interior Ministry now needs approval from protesters to justify any decision to ban protests. Answer


For the first time since the resumption of the Hirak marches in February, protesters changed their route on Friday, avoiding several Gordon and police vehicles blocking access to the main artery Deutsche Morat near the Grande Post. Hierarchies in Algiers.

After Friday prayers, the procession, coming from the popular district of Bob L’Oville, one of the protest’s strongholds, moved to Beloustad (formerly Belcourt District), another fort in Hirak, instead of marching through the city center every Friday. .

On April 30, police in riot gear stormed a rally in Algiers, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. More than 70 are currently incarcerated and prosecuted for acts related to hirac and / or personal liberty.

Fearing that Hirak would not be able to further intensify and create the existing public outcry, but in a more casual manner, the Algerian interior minister launched a threatening form, and the demonstration in Algeria will now be recognized if the protestors do not benefit from the recognition, the organizers and the end of the rally and the end of the rally. Will be provided on the condition that they will be contacted.

These restrictions appear to have been aimed at demonstrations organized every Friday since February as an extension of the 2019-born Hirak movement against the ruling elite, with the result that President Apologis Bouteflika was sidelined.

“They are looking for reasons to justify any decision to ban the protests,” said a citizen attending Hirak.

The move comes shortly before the June 12 primary parliamentary elections, which President Abdelmadjeet Debawen, who was elected in December 2019 on a ballot boycotted by protesters, promised to be fair and transparent.

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In a statement on Friday, Amnesty International called the illegal use and arbitrary detention “unacceptable.”