October 19, 2021

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Algeria: Nearly 200 bathers caught in a sudden carnage

About 200 swimmers were suddenly captured on a beach in Algeria with signs of lung disease and poisoning. Authorities have not yet determined the origin of these anomalies, which also affected members of the Civil Defense, but hypotheses were dropped.

This weekend, especially on Sunday, holidaymakers who came to bathe at the Denus location in Algeria spent the rest of their days in city hospitals, suddenly taken aback by the discomfort and breathing difficulties.

On Sunday, according to initial estimates, 178 people, including civil defense lifeguards, were admitted to hospital with poisoning, with symptoms such as vomiting, coughing and redness in the eyes, and difficulty breathing.

On the spot, Klepin Wally announced on national television that the water was completely healthy and refused to pollute the water. However, as a precautionary measure the beach will be closed for swimming, and investigations and research on water samples in the laboratories of the capital Algiers are pending.

The locals described the shocking scenes, in which dozens of people suffered from respiratory ailments, left without even taking a bath in the water. No specific odor was mentioned.

“We carried out physical and chemical analyzes to show that the water was not polluted,” he said, confirming the region’s valley without indicating the appearance of population unrest. “The suspects are on a cargo ship carrying livestock and they are in the port of Gleef,” he added.

In addition, as a precaution, Wally ordered the closure of the Denus desalination plant to prevent drinking contaminated or toxic water.

Since Sunday, speculation about the cause of the drug has been on the rise, with nearly 200 people being taken to hospital. For some, it may contaminate water with fodder for livestock, and for some scientists the hypothesis of the presence of algae that emit toxic gases may be more plausible, and it explains the lung affections mentioned by non-swimmers.

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“Of the 193 people admitted to Denise Hospital on Sunday evening, 7 spent the night there and left the health facility at 7am on Monday after receiving the required sanitation,” the hospital’s head said. In a statement to the official Algerian newspaper ABS, Dr. Nasreddin Bengartalia, Director of Prevention and Population (DSP) of the local health directorate.

According to him, those taken to the hospital inhaled a gas that had spread due to the wind. “No assumption can be ignored, but, the most credible thing is that Tennessee was involved in a boat leak located from animal feed,” he outlined.