October 19, 2021

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Algeria: Deputy Finance Minister Amin Benapterrahmane appoints PM

# Algeria : An appointment that reflects the will of the executive to avert the severe socio-economic crisis facing Algeria, following the June 12 assembly elections, Algerian Finance Minister Amin Benabedrahmane was appointed prime minister on Wednesday.

“In accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjit Deboun, has appointed Mr. Amene Benabedrahmane as Prime Minister,” the Algerian president said in a statement.

“He is responsible for continuing to consult with political parties and civil society to form a government as soon as possible,” the statement added.

The 60-year-old Mr. Benaphtarrahmane wins, the apology Djராrot, which began in recent days, has failed to fix the crisis situation in MacRae’s largest economy, which is essentially based on oil revenues.

Mr Gerrard, 67, who has been in office since December 28, 2019, handed over his resignation and his government to President Debawan on June 24, handing over the responsibility of managing current affairs.

The head of state thanked his prime minister for leading the government into a “difficult situation”, especially with the Govt-19 epidemic.

But Mr. He did not hide his criticism of Djirod, who publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the inaction of his government last January.

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