October 19, 2021

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Algeria: All trains halted due to stone throwing

# Algeria : Algiers suburban and regional trains have been halted following an unexpected strike following civilians throwing stones at trains. Actions that are repetitive and often cause injury to railway workers.

Rail traffic is affected. All Algiers suburban trains and regional trains have been halted due to an unexpected strike resulting in a stone-throwing on trains from Aaron to Algiers and from El Afron to Algiers. The stone-throwing injured the train driver of the National Railway Transport Corporation (SNDF).

“The scuffle was caused by the injury of the train driver from El Afroen, who was taken to hospital and the windshields and windows of two trains were broken,” the SNDS press release said.

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Faced with the gravity of the situation, the SNDF management announced the suspension of all trains because members of the staff were “taxed” in solidarity with their colleagues and in protest of these unacceptable actions that are often performed near the railway.

These actions against trains have been repeated. In early June, Algerian railway workers blocked train traffic on the outskirts of Algiers and threw stones in protest of the attack, seriously injuring the SNDS controller. Last May, another controller was attacked and broke his leg.

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