April 10, 2021

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March 29, 2021 – 2:19 p.m. Clock

There will be no trips to Mallorca for now

Britain is gradually returning to normal life. As of today, up to two houses or up to six people can meet again in parks and gardens, and unopened sports facilities and swimming pools may be reopened. Non-essential shops, i.e. those without supplies for everyday use, outdoor restaurants are due to follow on April 12th. We explain why the British relaxed when Germany was on the verge of a third lock.

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UK: Is there a vaccination certificate for pub attendance?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he hoped the easing would be a “better British summer sport”. With the support of key athletes, the government has been campaigning for people to play again after being locked out for a month with contact restrictions. At the same time, he called on people to be careful: despite the relief, everyone must continue to follow health rules and attend vaccination appointments.

Johnson looks forward to “going to the hairdresser” soon. But what was most important to him was: “I can walk down the street, carefully but unchangingly, drinking a pint of beer in the bubble,” the prime minister said. Especially the owners of the smashed pub should be happy. Guests again after the endless recession! About 2,000 pubs on the island are unlikely to escape the corona crisis. The creators of this are fully registered for the first 12 months of April. Discussions are currently underway regarding vaccination certificates for visiting hotels, theaters and churches and strict rules for entry. From April 6, Secretary of Transport Grant Shops announced that truck drivers staying in the country for more than two days will be required to have a corona test within 48 hours.

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In Wales, holidays are allowed in a part of the country from Saturday, but families are required to stay within themselves and use shelters only with the possibility of self-sufficiency such as holiday homes. On the other hand, foreign travel is banned throughout Great Britain, and violating the law threatens severe fines as of today! While tens of thousands of Germans fly to Mallorca on Easter, the British have to spend the holidays at home. Anyone caught going abroad will have to pay the equivalent of about 5,800 euros. According to the previous plan, the easing of corona restrictions will only be seen in May: from May 17, first-time holidaymakers will be allowed to travel abroad again.

More than half of British adults were vaccinated

Thumb: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson after the corona vaccine.

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Why does the British open when we think loudly about the third hard lock in Germany? It is also related to the ambitious vaccination strategy of our neighbors. So far, more than 30 million adults – 57 percent – have received the first dose nationwide. By comparison: Germany today has a population of nearly 9 million, which equates to 10.8 percent of the population. Only 4.7 percent have already been vaccinated twice. Progress has been slow.

Meanwhile, the British government wants to further enhance its successful course in the fight against the corona virus by using another vaccine. In April, the first deliveries of the pharmaceutical company “Moderna” are expected, the “BBC” cabinet member Oliver Dowden said. This is the third vaccine used in the UK.

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To protect against new strains of the corona virus, Great Britain is also planning a third vaccination this year. Nadim Zahawi, secretary of state for the Daily Telegraph, said people over the age of 70 could get the “booster” vaccine as early as September. Medical staff and nurses should receive their third dose within ten months. Zahawi said eight different vaccines will be available by the fall. He announced that drive-th vaccination centers will soon open, where you can get vaccinated in the car.

Boris Johnson: “We return to the life we ​​want”

The controversy with the EU over reports of supply problems from India and the export of vaccines has recently caused concern in Great Britain, raising concerns that the country may lose its ambitious goal of providing the first dose to all adults by the end of July. But Johnson announced he would stick to the planned elementary curriculum despite the hardships. “From today’s perspective, I can not read anything from the data that will prevent us from continuing our path to freedom, opening up our economy and returning to the life we ​​want,” Johnson told fellow members at an online conference.

However, there is a downside to London’s opening plan: unlike previously planned – on June 21, Johnson acknowledged that all corona restrictions could not be lifted. It is unclear what effects the third corona wave will have on the mainland of Europe, he said.

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