October 19, 2021

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After reassembly, its thick G7

Leaders of the G7’s superpowers reached the heart of the matter on Saturday after reunification or first contacts by preventing health crises and defending multilateralism.

The opening of the summit at the seaside resort of Corbis Bay allowed the heads of state and heads of state of Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan and the United States to reconnect with private exchanges for the first time. Almost two years.

During a traditional family photo shoot on the beach or around Queen Elizabeth II and her heirs Charles and William, under the massive greenery of the “Eden Project”, G7 leaders were able to reunite on Friday. They were able to welcome new members of the club, such as US President Joe Biden, who promised to prove the return of the United States to the world stage and to unite its allies against China and Russia.

On the second Saturday in three days of the summit, leaders will be able to show their understanding in front of the cameras during a barbecue at night on the beach, a la carte marshmallow with a wood fire and rum cocktail.

But the program promises to be busy. South Korea, South Africa, Australia, and the UN. From General Secretary Antonio Guterres to joint work sessions for leaders with their allies and meetings with each other will come at a constant pace.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will almost certainly intervene considering the serious health condition of his country.

– Vaccines fast –

The response to the epidemic is still a big part of today, as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson greeted the opening day with a “extraordinary opportunity” to “rebuild better”, a “better” way and “more feminine”, he said after a moment’s hesitation.

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After promising to donate vaccines to poor countries to end the epidemic quickly, leaders want to find ways to prevent a crisis like this that has killed 3.7 million people worldwide.

The G7 will sign “Corby’s Bay Notice” issued by Downing Street as “historic” and will include a continuing commitment to prevent any new health catastrophe.

These include reducing the time it takes to develop vaccines, treatments and diagnoses, strengthening health monitoring and initiating reforms to strengthen the World Health Organization (WHO).

– Explanations of Brexit –

According to Boris Johnson, “I am proud that today the world’s major democracies are united for the first time to ensure that we are never ready for a major health crisis.”

The discussion may also focus on the issue of the thorn in the side of patenting vaccines to expedite their production. The United States and France are in favor, but Germany is against it.

This day must have a very diplomatic tone between defending diversity and reviewing international political issues, which should give China and Russia a bigger place.

The protectionist tendencies in some of the countries facing the epidemic and the tensions in the supply chains are marked by a global shortage of semiconductors and concerns about the G7.

Leaders of liberal democracies want to reaffirm their “values,” which “certainly involves a confrontation with Russia, but in some respects with China,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned before opening the mountain on Friday. Peak.

Joe Biden is pushing for a major infrastructure project, particularly in Africa and Asia, aimed at financing large-scale projects abroad to increase his influence in opposing the Chinese initiative for “new Silk Roads”.

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Northern Ireland should also discuss a meeting between Boris Johnson and two EU leaders, Ursula van der Leyen and Charles Michel, who promises it will be tough in the morning, in the hope that it will iron out post-Brexit tensions.

The British Prime Minister will also hold talks with French President Emmanuel Macron.

“The G7 (Boris Johnson) is not the place to look for an immediate solution,” his spokesman said Friday evening.