September 20, 2021

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“African lion sanctifies US recognition of Sahara Moroccan character”, welcomes El Othmani

Chad-edin El Othmani, head of government; Welcomed on Twitter Part of the African Lion 2021 exercise takes place “in the Moroccan Sahara near Mahobus and Taqla, with the participation of about 10,000 Moroccan and American soldiers”. “This is the coronation achievement of the US recognition of Sahara’s Moroccan character,” he stressed.

His tweet was unnoticed because it was quick Acquired by EFE. “The head of the Moroccan government confirms that the Sahara is involved in (military) maneuvers with the United States,” the Spanish newspaper wrote.

“El Othmani’s announcement is important because it is the first gesture of the new US administration by former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) recognizing Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara, after months of silence,” the Iberian media reported. Recall that Spain did not participate in this year’s edition of the African Lion, citing El Pice.

Chad-Edin El Othmani rarely enters the foreign policy of the kingdom. They are usually related to the question of relations with the Sahara or Spain. So on November 17th, He pointed out Morocco has completed the construction of a defensive wall in El Curaao’s buffer zone. The exodus was tolerated, but on the other hand the head of government was forced to normalize with Israel. To qualify for his views.

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