September 21, 2021

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Afghanistan Taliban return to power, chaos develops!

This is a common confusion in Kabul and most parts of the country. Since Monday evening, the date the Taliban entered Kabul, ruined scenes have multiplied in the country. China accuses US of “wreaking havoc” on Afghanistan. No one expected the country to fall into the hands of the Taliban so quickly. Moreover, the expulsion movements of foreigners have been accelerated. An airline has been set up between Kabul and the United Arab Emirates.

This is a public bailout in Afghanistan and … the shock of the world! The seizure of power has never caused attachment, hatred, fear, rejection and confusion among Afghans and world citizens. Since Monday evening, the date the Taliban entered Kabul, ruined scenes have multiplied in the country.

Broadcast on all news channels around the world, scenes of asura panic took place, especially at Kabul airport, the country’s only exit door, showing thousands of Afghans trying to escape the new regime. , Came back to power after twenty years of war, promising to (again) be implemented. People were desperately trying to board the exit plane, and some of them even lost their lives here.

And an American plane can carry two to three times its capacity and carry as many passengers as possible. The mess is that China, neighboring Afghanistan, accuses the United States of “leaving a terrible mess” by withdrawing. “They left a terrible mess in Afghanistan and a catastrophic situation elsewhere, such as in Iraq and Syria.

Biden says he has no regrets
On Monday evening, the US president delivered a speech in which he said he had “no regrets about his decision to withdraw US troops from this country where the United States has been for 20 years.”

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However, Biden implicitly admitted that he did not expect the country to “fall so quickly” to the Taliban. Moreover, the expulsion movements of foreigners have been accelerated. What if Afghan President Ashraf Ghani flew to the Sultan of Oman via Tajikistan and flew first before the Taliban captured the capital, Kabul? Saudi Arabia expelled all members of its embassy in Afghanistan.

Western nations have all entered it, but according to the latest news, they are struggling to repatriate their citizens. A German military plane that landed in the area Monday night from Uzbekistan was able to take only seven people, while hundreds were waiting to return to Germany. “Due to the chaotic atmosphere at the airport and the frequent shootings at the entrance, it is not possible to evacuate other Germans and civilians to the area,” said a Foreign Ministry spokesman.

The German president says this is a “disgrace to the West.”
German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier spoke about the dire situation in Afghanistan. According to him, the scenes of grief at the Kabul airport were “a disgrace to the West”. “We are responsible for this human tragedy in which the Afghans actively sought to leave their country,” he said before concluding: “Germany will do everything in its power to ensure its security. Its citizens and all Afghans have supported them for many years.”

As for France, the Airbus A310 is expected at the Royce Charles-de-Cole airport on Tuesday afternoon, in which 45 French nationals and partner countries were evacuated from Kabul by French officials, the French Armed Forces Ministry said. Earlier in the morning, the Minister of the Armed Forces, Florence Barley, announced the first Emirates arrival of the first exporters. With this first flight, “we have laid the foundation for an air transport between Kabul and the United Arab Emirates,” he said.

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Uzbekistan has warned against violating its borders. Its foreign minister said in a statement: “We firmly believe that any attempt to cross national borders will be suppressed.” As part of that, the United Nations is calling on countries to ban Afghans from returning to their home countries. UN Refugee Agency

“The UNHCR has called on the states to end the forced returns of Afghans who were previously determined not to need international security,” said spokeswoman Shabia Mantou. At the same time, civil society is mobilizing to welcome Afghans. Within 24 hours, more than 6,800 people signed an online petition calling for Afghanistan to be allowed into Switzerland immediately.

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