September 21, 2021

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Administrative court opposes opening of a Muslim school in Bourgoin-Jailleu

The Muslim Association “Union for Private Muslim Education” (UEPM) came up with a plan for a non-contract school for Barcoin-Jailou in Iser. But the plan was rejected by the city mayor and the rectum because it was said to have links with the Turkish Islamic Federation Mille Corse.

The Grenoble Executive Court on Wednesday rejected the association’s request and upheld the rector’s decision not to allow the Muslim school to open without a contract, which the association considers to be a “desire to block” part of the Gulf. Parisian.

His ArrangedThe administrative court briefly seized that the person appointed as the director of the school, who did not meet the condition of the previous training of the teaching activities, had less than 5 years of experience. As a result, the association was unable to meet all the required conditions and the courts hope the school reopening will not take place.

Also, according to Progress Attracting its information from the rectum, UEPM France did not sign the Charter of Islam.

Mayor Vincent Griqui (LR) of the municipality said, “We were skeptical about its administration, its inclusion in the municipality and the secular nature of its operation. Linking this school with Millie Chorus made us aware. Keep in mind that this association continues to be denied.

UEPM’s lawyer, Me Nohra Boukara, announced after the court ruling: “I am analyzing the rectal approach as an option to prevent the opening of a Muslim school. This is not good for the future Separatism Act, I see it as a machine that discriminates against Muslims.

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The court ruling comes just days after a Muslim school in Toulouse reportedCountry of education “Obvious failures, both for management and education”.