September 21, 2021

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According to the WHO, H24info 49 contact cases were identified

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday that forty-nine cases of contact with a young guinea pig who tested positive for the Ebola virus in Abidjan have been identified so far.

The young Guinean left the city of Lape in Guinea last week by road to reach the Ivorian economic capital, about 1,500 km away.

“49 contacts of the trip have already been identified, and in families at the starting point in LaBeouf,” Georges Ki-Serbo, a WHO expert, told the Africa branch’s online press conference.

“In LaBeouf, 58 contacts have been identified,” the city’s regional health director, Elhatz Mamadou Howdy Bah, told AFP on Wednesday. The good news is, they still don’t show any signs. They are well followed, ”he added.

The Ivory doctor said there were 70 people on the bus carrying the young woman. “33 people have come to Abidjan and the rest are scattered all over C டிte d’Ivoire,” he said. The bus stopped at Tuskov and Quizo (west), and Yamoshokro, the administrative capital of Ivory Coast.

“A network has been created and we have been able to define the communities in which these people live,” Ivory Health Minister Pierre Timba said during the same press conference.

“We are focused on health monitoring: by reporting to all our health centers and community structures, potential cases can be pointed out and taken care of, which has led to the condemnation of cases that have turned out to be false,” he added.

Three suspected cases have been reported negative for the Ebola virus, according to Ivory health officials.

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Mr Timba went to the border between his country and Guinea on Wednesday to “observe” and “monitor” communities and observers in “cross-border exchanges”.

WHO-Africa Regional Director Matzidiso Moiti praised the “significant similarity” between Ebola and Guinea and C டிte d’Ivoire in dealing with Ebola and the “speed of reaction” by Ivorian authorities.

Guinea, with the help of the WHO, detected the virus on a young young woman infected on August 14, two days after the 5,000-dose Ebola vaccine was announced to its next-door neighbors and started vaccinations in Ivory Coast on Monday.

Along with Liberia and Sierra Leone, Guinea was hit hard by the Ebola epidemic that killed thousands from 2013 to 2016. The virus reappeared there earlier this year.

Although Côte d’Ivoire shares borders with Guinea and Liberia, the country has not reported any confirmed cases of the Ebola virus since 1994, when a scientist became infected during an epidemic between chimpanzees.