April 10, 2021

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Abuse and sex in UK schools

V.A few days ago, an alumnus of a prestigious private girls’ school received a notice of indictment in connection with an abusive sexual relationship and drug use with school students. The report, which was distributed through group chat, called for anyone with knowledge or experience of these allegations to report to the teacher responsible for student safety “in order to protect current and future students.” The recipient of the circular and his friends in his mid-twenties were not surprised. This teacher was already slandered during his school days. At their farewell party, the girls even talked to a teacher about it. She shook her head and said all of her co-workers had warned her. But the school looked the other way.

Gina Thomas

Features Reporter London based.

It is no coincidence that the call is now left in circulation. Last summer, some 22-year-old Sarah, who was laughed at, humiliated and sexually abused by children as a child, set up a site with the aim of ending a “culture of rape” that was quietly tolerated. Some Sarah posted an invitation on everyone’s invited website to testify anonymously about experiences like hers. Thousands came forward with confusing stories that they had kept to themselves for years. It describes the girls’ opening ceremonies when they enter high school, and there are reports of competitions in which boys challenge each other to sleep with an ugly girl. There is talk of point systems for evaluating sexual performance and rewards for a greater number of sex trophies. Even a nine-year-old boy was forced to send nude photos. These habits were so common in Britain that many believed they were “normal”. The size will stumble.

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The men are demanding a curfew order

The initial current has become flooded in the last few weeks. There are two reasons for this, and they say the same about Jeetgeist as English class consciousness. On the one hand, Sarah Everest, 33, who went missing on the way home at 9:30 p.m., was murdered and found dead a week later. The case struck a chord and provoked violent reactions, especially since the man accused of his murder was a police officer. Women had a reputation for restoring the streets and putting an end to misconceptions. Some issued curfew orders for men. Sarah Everett’s case was politically instrumental in symbolizing male violence against women, thus keeping friends of the murdered out of candlelight vigil. The awkward behavior of the police, who were in a dilemma of ensuring that corona activities were observed, led to new allegations of sexual and toxic masculinity.

The focus on some Sarah initiatives is due to the fact that the website now lists schools that report on the culture of sexual harassment and assault by former or current students. The British media exploited the fact that many of the schools listed there were popular private schools in order to incite prejudice against a privileged elite. Unfortunately, the increased sexual harassment of peers by technology and social networks, as well as adult attacks on school children are by no means limited to the private sector.