October 19, 2021

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A small dome forms between Morocco and Spain

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A mini-dome heat is reported over the weekend in Morocco and Spain. Temperatures in Andalusia and parts of the Kingdom can reach 48 C.

The heat wave that has hit the Maghreb countries in recent days is reported to be behind the increase in hot air in Spain. The Independent. In southern Algeria and Tunisia the temperature in the shade rises to 50 C. “Currently we have the hottest air in the Magreb, and we have the highest temperature in Algeria with temperature records,” explains Frederic Nathan, a foreman from Meteo France.

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Weather forecasts indicate that a four-day heat wave is expected in Spain from Friday 9th Friday to Monday 12th. The warmest air mass from North Africa will increase the mass temperature. This July will be recorded near the hottest and hottest records ever.

Higher temperatures are expected in Andalusia. At least 48 C. What about the Pyrenees? “The hot air should be at the level of the Pyrenees, we do not know if it goes north of the Iberian Peninsula,” Meteo quotes France.

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