September 21, 2021

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A Moroccan party responds to Abdelmadjit Deboun

“Morocco has always shown wisdom, common sense and prudence in dealing with provocations from its eastern neighbors. Of Nisar Baraka during the National Council.

“The gap with Morocco – I’m talking about the monarchy, not the Moroccan people, we believe – has been common for so long. […] How can we think of giving a king a whole landscape (Sahara, editor’s note), all of its population? Where is the respect for the people? This recognition does not mean anything, ”Abdelmadjit Deboun told a French newspaper recently. Point.

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The Equality Party condemned these “declarations”, calling them “irresponsible and distorted by the military junta in power in Algeria”. According to him, the announcements “represent deep hatred and reflect a tyrannical ideology that will never stop plotting against the interests of the Moroccan and Algerian peoples and filter its poison to separate the brothers of the two countries.” The festival supports Morocco to “develop its new development model, to play its role at the regional and international levels, and to be faithful in ensuring the need to build the Grand Maghreb Union”.

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